jongro jogyesa
seoul jongro jogyesa

Did you know that there is a temple in the center of Seoul?

In Jongro district, you can find a Buddhist temple near Insadong.

seoul buddhist temple

Since the Buddha’s birthday is also a big event in South Korea, Jogyesa was so pretty with a lot of lights.

I went there in the late evening, but I was able to see many people coming to pray and look around.

Insadong seemed empty than the usual since the covid-19 hit, there aren’t many foreigners in Seoul.

buddhist temple lights

If you haven’t been to Insadong or Gyeongbokgung palace, I hope you can visit soon as they are close to each other and the number 1 palace in Korea also opens until late evening during Summer time.

Apollo Guesthouse seems very empty without you!

buddha's birthday in seoul

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