popular kimchi soup restaurant next to apollo guesthouse in yeongdeungpo
korean restaurant next to apollo guesthouse

Right next to our guesthouse, there is a Korean restaurant that serves kimchi jjigae and unlimited free noodles!

Jjigae is a Korean word for soup and kimchi soup is one of the most common home food in Korea.

enjoy unlimited noodles in korean restaurant
free noodles

In that restaurant, they add pork in the soup and it gives more rich taste.

Sometimes, there can be tuna or other fish, instead of pork.

pork kimchi soup restaurant next to apollo guesthouse
kimchi soup
kimchi soup with free noodles
kimchi soup with noodles

Since their main dish is the jjigae, the table has a stove in the center for you to boil the soup and eat it warm.

Also you can find a tongue and a pair of scissors on the table and those are to cut the pork into pieces.

popular korean meal with pork kimch soup
korean meal with pork kimchi soup

Like every other Korean restaurant, they also give you other Korean side dishes with the meal.

If you can not handle the spicy food, they also have other menu such as mackerel or Korean pork BBQ.

kimchi restaurant menu
restaurant menu

It is located right next to the Apollo Guesthouse and if you are too shy to order is Korean, simple tell us and we can go with you! 🙂

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